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Nov 20, 2014

Hello Necronomifans! In this episode we offer a slightly reformatted version of the show. It's a bit longer with various segments. Our main topic of discussion today is found footage films. We also have New Screams, where we share a few new movies coming out or recently released, Stream in the Dark, a short discussion of what we've found on Netflix or on demand, and News Slash, which is various horror news stories. And then Doug reads his latest Crypt Notes! Hilarity ensues in the Cabin in the Woods.

Hope you like the new format as it's almost an hour show. 

Trailers for New Screams:

·         The Houses October Built

·         VHS Viral

·         The Babadook

·         Horns

      ·         Wolves

Evil Dead Series News

Mini Documentary on Found Footage