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Sep 28, 2015

Another from our Crypticon coverage! Founding host of this podcast Tim Welch and his partner in crime Mikey Taylor found us at the convention and we sat down, got caught up, and talked about the Scream in the Dark Film Festival 2015. 

Scream in the Dark FF 2015 website

Sep 22, 2015

Right as we were packing up at Crypticon Tony Todd stopped by our booth and wanted to give us an interview! Since our regular microphones were packed up Wayne broke out his trusty iphone and recorded this interview. Tony Todd is a busy working actor and at the horror con was mostly known for his role in Candyman. Wayne...

Sep 16, 2015

SPOILER ALERT AGAIN!  In this episode, Doug, Wayne, Laurie, Maggie, and Kendall take to the Majestic Theater to view The Visit. When the credits roll, the crew huddles up and gives their initial reactions. 

Severed Thumbs Up = 5

Pantload = 0

Sep 2, 2015

This week The Necronomicast crew gets together to give their post con thoughts about Crypticon. Vendors, celebrities, costumes, metal, lucifer, hot rods, yelling dudes, drunk dudes, giant clowns, side shows, and of course the awesome staff made this a memorable event. We also pay homage to Wes Craven who passed...