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Mar 22, 2013

Tim and Wayne have a little sit down chat over tea and biscuits with the overlord of metal. They came away without getting sacrificed and were more the wiser on skin creams, sacrificing celebrities, felatio, dumpster sex, and jacking off elephants. GWAR will be incinerating Lincoln soon and we plan to be there. 

Mar 18, 2013

Award-winning genre filmmaker Alan Rowe Kelly joined the ongoing force of independent horror with his 2002 cult film debut I’LL BURY YOU TOMORROW which garnered him 2 awards for Best Feature. He was voted Best Director, Best Writer and Best Independent Film of 2003 by Next Tuesday Magazine, and followed up with his...

Mar 4, 2013

In this episode Wayne is joined by Doug Jones. Doug is well known as a character and creature actor in films and television such as Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Legion, and Pan's Labyrinth. He has appeared in a slew of movies and television, many times as a strange creature - and in some cases, many creatures...