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Mar 15, 2021

My guest tonight for this episode of the Necronomicast is bestselling true crime author Leslie Rule!

I didn't have to look far to bring you the story of the most bizarre love triangle that is too convoluted to believe.  It all takes place here, in Omaha, Nebraska.  

It is the sorted story of sex, lies, murder, cyber-stalking, all wrapped up and tucked into bed with a missing person case. 

If you saw the recent 20/20 special on ABC featuring this case, be prepared to go even deeper in this late-night conversation with the author of "A Tangled Web" Leslie Rule.

"A Tangled Web" is available in hardcover now and will be released on paperback on March 30th!


Visit Leslie at:


(Music Credit:  "A Web, Tangled" by Brian Corey)