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Feb 6, 2012

Billed as "Sonya Thompson Professional Zombie", this walker has been a featured member of the undead on AMC's The Walking Dead for the past two seasons. But that's not all she does, Sonya is a working actor that is finding out just how much attention one zombie can get. We first met up with her in Omaha at a local pop culture convention where she joined a couple other zombie co-stars, and we can testify that she is one of the most pleasant people to hang out with - living or undead. 

Sonya online

Also, Dr. Death and the Reverend Podfather were part of the Westlake Zombies Ad campaign developed by Bozell Marketing. We did the makeup and had some of our fans become zombies with us in this funny series of videos that helped Westlake Hardware get noticed in 2011. Recently Bozell and the Westlake Zombies ad campaign took home 5 Nebraksa ADDY Awards! Including Best of Show! This is a big acheivement and we want to thank everyone involved. 

Westlake Zombies video

Westlake Zombies video 2

Zombies outtakes

Hey you horror fans, be a peach and share our bloddy podcast to your bloddy friends. Let's make this a great year for horror fans and the Necronomicast.