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Oct 1, 2020

On this episode of The Necronomicast, we begin our celebration of the month of October!  My guest, Pat Fitzhugh, is best known for his extensive research and books about the ghostly legends of the American South, and his epic investigations of the paranormal. His experience in the field spans nearly four decades and he is the nation's leading expert on tonight's topic,  the oldest recorded American ghost story, the legendary Bell Witch.

His work has been featured in major newspapers and magazines, and he has over 300 radio and TV appearances to his credit, working with The Learning Channel, The Travel Channel, and A&E.   He is an accomplished musician in Nashville and tonight we will premiere a new song by Pat about the Bell Witch!  So, I invite you to turn down the lights and relax, while you join me for a late-night conversation with Pat Fitzhugh, a real southern gentleman, on the Necronomicast!