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Mar 18, 2013

Award-winning genre filmmaker Alan Rowe Kelly joined the ongoing force of independent horror with his 2002 cult film debut I’LL BURY YOU TOMORROW which garnered him 2 awards for Best Feature. He was voted Best Director, Best Writer and Best Independent Film of 2003 by Next Tuesday Magazine, and followed up with his 2nd feature THE BLOOD SHED (2007) which awarded him Best Feature @ the 2007 Dark Carnival Film Fest.

Aside from producing, writing and directing Kelly has moved in front of cameras to appear in over 30 genre films including VINDICATION, SLICES OF LIFE, GALLERY OF FEAR, PSYCHO STREET, SATAN HATES YOU, THE BIG BAD and the now much talked about "TALES OF POE". He has been rewarded for his acting numerous times, most recently for Best Actor in Scott Perry’s SOMETHING JUST and Bart Mastronardi’s THE TELL TALE HEART in the upcoming "TALES OF POE". With his 3rd feature GALLERY OF FEAR making the rounds with the festival circuits, Kelly is currently in post-production on THE CASK for "TALES OF POE", starring opposite Randy Jones & Brewster McCall, and is wrapping on the film’s 3rd segment DREAMS with film partner Bart Mastronardi starring Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Bette Cassatt, & Caroline Williams.