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Dec 16, 2012

In this episode we welcome the youngest actor we have had yet onto the show. Grace Powell joins Wayne for an interview about her movie roles and her feature film debut in "Jacob". 

Grace Powell is a 13 year old from Houston, Texas who loves to act and transformed her self into different characters. Grace is a natural in front of the camera who reminds me of a young Jodie Foster! . Thus far this year Grace has received The Best Young Actress for her work as Sissy in "JACOB" at the WorldFest International Film Festival. And the best Actress at the 2012 Dallas 48-Hour Film Competition. Also the best Actress Honorable Mention at the Houston 48-Hour Film Project. Grace was lauded for her role as the female lead in the short film, Kidfellas, which won six awards in 2011. Grace splits time between Houston and Los Angeles as she continues making films with all her passion. 

2012~~ Lars The Emo Kid (post production) Girl in Ice Cream Shop
2012~~ Killin Time (short) Gracie
2012~~ When I Grow Up (short) Gracie
2011~~ Kidfellas (short)Gracie Keenan
2011~~ Jacob Sissy Kell