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Oct 1, 2012

In this episode actor Larry Carrell joins Wayne and Tim for an interview. He shares how he got into acting and also talks about his movie Jacob. From his IMDB:

Born in the small town of Alvin, Texas Larry Carrell's passion for entertaining began very early in life. By the age of 10 he was a talented guitarist, performing with bands all over the state. Naturally, his love of music led to an interest in movies. After an inspirational trip to one of Houston's most beloved Halloween attractions, Carrell become fascinated with stage makeup and special effects. This interest led Carrell to a 20 year career in the Haunted Attraction Industry. Realizing all he was missing was a camera. Carrell formed Ungowa Films and made his first feature Game Over: The Secret Life of Game Store Clerks. Ungowa Films went on to win a Platinum Remi award for their last film together "Done" at the 43rd Annual World Fest. Moving forward Carrell has now joined forces with President of Odyssee Pictures Stacy Davidson, writer/director of Sweatshop and Domain of the Damned. The two share a passion for storytelling and a commitment to the highest level of quality that is evident in the upcoming film "Jacob" He now resides in Houston, Texas and works as Vice President for Odyssee Pictures.

Larry on IMDB