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Apr 30, 2012

In this episode we chat with Brea Joseph, a contestant on SyFy's Face Off season 2. She spent a few weeks and made her mark on the show with some outstanding make up effects and even a little drama. She shares with us her love of blood, guts, and puss as well as how she managed to expand her business while testing her skills on a reality television show. 

Her bio from SyFy:

This California native isn’t just good at makeup…she’s army strong. Brea owns and operates her own special effects company, where she creates simulated trauma injuries for military and medical training courses. Her only special effects education was training under a Dick Smith/Westmore graduate. Despite her lack of traditional training, Brea’s enthusiasm and energy makes her a fierce competitor. Raised by a strong mother, Brea has a thick skin and a drive to be the best. In addition to her makeup job, she sings and engineers for a hip-hop group called Deep Rooted

Brea online: KBZ Effects