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Aug 15, 2023

I had the pleasure of welcoming my next guest, retired Omaha Detective Brian Bogdanoff to Necronomicast HQ for a live, face to face conversation!  He has written a riveting bestselling true crime book about the horrific triple murder that shook the city of Omaha, Nebraska.  The book is “Three Bodies Burning.”

This case has it all: murder, piles of cash stashed in the most unlikely of places, a blood-soaked crime scene, the remote dump site for bodies, luxury cars, flashy jewelry, and hundreds of pounds of illegal dope.

Not only will you get a first hand account of the role that law enforcement played in this story, but you will also hear from an individual that was there the night of the murders…

The story “Three Bodies Burning” on this incredible episode of Necronomicast!


"Three Bodies Burning" available here!