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May 1, 2023

My guest tonight, for a late night conversation, is Dr. Michelle Ward, PHD.  She’s been called the  “real-life Clarice Starling” from Silence of the Lambs, and has starred in several crime documentary TV series including Investigation Discovery’s “Mind of a Murderer” and “Stalked: Someone’s Watching” that are all available on Discovery+.

She is a popular podcast host who produces the hit show "Mind of a Monster" and “How Not To Raise A Serial Killer”.

Today, she is widely sought after to assist in the criminal trials of some of the nation's most notorious offenders. 

Tonight, she is my guest as we discuss ways to spot a narcissist, a stalker, and even a serial killer on this fascinating episode of NECRONOMICAST!

Dr. Ward's podcasts are available on all podcast platforms including:

"Mind of a Monster" podcast on Spotify

"How Not To Raise A Serial Killer" podcast on Spotify.


Special Thanks to Dr. Ward, the staff of Investigation Discovery, and Discovery+.

Brian's microphone is the PR40 from Heil Sound.