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Jan 6, 2022

For the first show of 2022, it is my pleasure to welcome Dr. Katherine Ramsland to the show.

Katherine Ramsland is a professor of forensic psychology and teaches criminal justice at DeSales University in Pennsylvania. She holds master's degrees in psychology, clinical psychology, criminal justice, and a Ph.D. in philosophy.  She is one of the nation's leading experts on Serial Killers.

We will be talking about her book and new A&E Channel docu-series “Confession of a Serial Killer” about Dennis Rader, the BTK killer who terrorized Wichita, Kansas for over 30 years.   

She has spent over a decade of her life interviewing Rader in hopes of unraveling the mystery of how and why he became one   of the worst serial killers in American history.

"Confession of a Serial Killer" on Amazon.