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Oct 29, 2021

Happy Halloween and welcome to this special episode of The Necronomicast featuring Bloody Mary!

Born on the bayou, Bloody Mary was raised in the Crescent City. She grew up to be a profound priestess who also serves her hometown of New Orleans as a Culture bearer, tradition keeper or "Griot" as well as psychopomp (“guide of souls”) and ghost whisperer. Mary is a fearless enthusiast about her home town and all of its history, heritage and mysticism. She is a known publicly as Vodoo Queen, storyteller, celebrity historian, author, psychic medium, ghost hunter and owner of the famous Bloody Mary's Tours - an Avant-garde Boutique tour company for over 20 years.

Bloody Mary is also the curator of the notorious Haunted Museum and Voodoo Pharmacy Spirit shop at 826 N. Rampart Street which receives international acclaim.

You will see her on TV and cinema featured on hundreds of international documentaries about the other side of her hometown. See her and her famous haunted houses on Paranormal Lockdown, Buzzfeed Unsolved, Haunted History and Ghost Adventures... Check out her on TikTok and her YouTube channel too!​

Bloody Mary's Official Website