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Oct 1, 2021

October programming on the Necronomicast will feature personalities and stories unique to the "Haunted Heartland".  Tonight, I welcome paranormal investigator Ron Haskett to the program.  This interview was recorded on location, inside the Malvern Manor, in the darkness of the "shadow man hallway".

Ron is featured in the documentary "Answering the Call" about his spiritual journey, his relationship with the infamous Malvern Manor, and the spirits who still occupy the historic haunted landmark.  Listen in as Ron recounts his journey that brought him halfway across the United States from the mountains of West Virginia to the cornfields of Nebraska.

This episode and all the programming for the month of October is dedicated to the memory of "Coyote" Chris Sutton, a friend of the paranormal community who passed away last month.  Rest in peace, Chris.

"Answering The Call" on YouTube

For more information on the Malvern Manor