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Jul 1, 2021

For tonight's late night conversation, we are going to take you back in time to July 1916.   It was a time when World War I loomed over America, New York City was in the midst of a deadly polio epidemic, and the tri-state area sought relief at the Jersey shore. The Atlantic’s refreshing waters proved to be dangerous, however.

In just twelve days, four swimmers were violently and fatally mauled in separate shark attacks, and a fifth swimmer escaped an attack within inches of his life.  These horrific events would later inspire Peter Benchley to write "Jaws".

In his thoroughly researched account, Dr. Richard Fernicola, the leading expert on the attacks, presents a riveting portrait, investigation, and scientific analysis of the terrifying days against the colorful backdrop of America in 1916 in Twelve Days of Terror.

Buy the book here:

"Twelve Days of Terror" on Amazon.