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Mar 15, 2016

Spring has sprung in this episode of The Necronomicast, and boy are things growing!   The Crew welcomes some extended family guests to the studio to help plant the seeds on the topic of resurrection in horror!  Returning from the dead, rebooting dead franchises, and revamping the genre has been going on since the golden age of Hollywood.  

We host a wide ranging discussion digging up topics about your favorite slasher heroes,  "The Walking Dead",  zombie movies, and the works of Stephen King.  Doug is taken to school to learn about Final Destination, we react to the new Ghostbusters trailer, and we check in with Brian about his gig writing for the Friday the 13th Franchise dot com website.  

We opened up the windows to let the fresh air invigorate this installment of "The Necronomicast"!   Of course, there was plenty of fertilizer to spread around!

Return of the Living Dead (1985) 

Ghostbusters (2016)

Friday the 13th Franchise website