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Feb 18, 2015

Welcome to our first installment of DARK SIDE OF THE MOVIE! Where our intrepid hosts Wayne, Doug, Brian, and Zip get together, drink some beers, and comment on an awful horror movie. Best part is, you can join us in the fun! 

Remember when people would watch Wizard of OZ and play Dark Side of the Moon together and get the synch up experience? Well, this podcast is similar to that. It’s also a lot of armchair-Director commentary, random musings, low-ball attempts at humor, and us poking fun at everything. Is it funny? You’ll have to be the judge on that… 


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This episode we feature: ZOMBIE LAKE  (1981)

This is a horrible movie in every way, but it has A LOT of full on nudity. Part period piece, part love story, and part soft-core snuggling flick (you’ll see what we mean), this film has it all. And it’s still not even cult-good.