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Dec 31, 2014

In this episode, Laurie and Wayne interview Cig Neutron, Face Off season 7 finalist. We talk about his experience being sequestered for up to 3 months while filming the SyFy reality series and what it was like to live in what they called "the bubble."

We also talk about how the show helped him develop as an artist and...

Dec 22, 2014

It's the holiday season here at Necronomicast so we thought it would be a great idea to share some of our favorite kills in horror movies along with some iconic and unusual weapons film makers have used. 

Nov 20, 2014

Hello Necronomifans! In this episode we offer a slightly reformatted version of the show. It's a bit longer with various segments. Our main topic of discussion today is found footage films. We also have New Screams, where we share a few new movies coming out or recently released, Stream in the Dark, a short discussion...

Oct 21, 2014

In this episode Wayne, Zip, Brian, and Doug chat about the movie Annabelle. Did it live up to all the hype? If you haven't seen it, beware, we do huge spoilers here. If you have, listen in on what we thought and feel free to comment here or on our facebook page. 

Oct 14, 2014

In this episode Wayne and Laurie chat with Bill Grennan one of the producers of Walk The Night, an interactive theater production that puts Hamlet's ghosts right next to you. A 4 story historical house, ghosts wandering through, and you get to follow and hear their stories. It's an eerie interactive performance that...